@/Arpro Erp - Production

From the experience gained from advice directly from manufacturing companies involved @/Arpro Erp - Production was born. It overcomes the most common problems with simplicity and versatility.
This module is for the control of production processes inside the company, the recording of times and costs in the final balance, as well as the consumption of time/materials. All of this information is stored in order to be compared with quote values. Requires the base platform @/Arpro.
There are tools available for the planning and calculation of materials of finished or semi-finished products for customer orders either in simulation mode or final mode, in addition to the calculation of minimum stock in the warehouse.Through the available reports you can analyze the course of the production advancement up to the final phases, with the recognition of the costs upon completion. These costs can then be compared with the values shown in the budget, allowing for an evaluation of the results (obtained gains or losses). The availability of Gantt charts finally allows a less detailed but certainly more clear and immediate evaluation, using the program Microsoft Project®.
@/Arpro Erp is a solution that offers many methods of organization that is fast and simple. It is designed for companies with a strong need for comprehensive processes throughout production and planning.

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@/Arpro Erp - module Quality (Iso)

Improving the management and organization at various levels of the company will reduce waste and costs while increasing the chances of competitiveness in your market.
Within the production program there exists a detection system of so-called "non-compliance", with the introduction of information on specific problems encountered for suppliers, working activities, customer complaints, etc.; any “non-compliance” has spaces where you can insert any corrective actions subsequently taken.
Dedicated search tools and statistics allow you to highlight where most of these anomalies occur, therefore you can take the appropriate countermeasures needed.

Quality (Iso)
Manage yard work
Management of technical studies
Worksite Management

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