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Peachtree® vs Quickbooks® vs @/Arpro®

Quickbooks® is usually considered the easiest accounting software to implement for someone without an accounting background. Peachtree®, on the other hand, in the inventory control is where it which exceeds.

Meanwhile Quickbooks® works in average costing, the other one can manage inventory by LIFO, FIFO, serialized and average costing. Quickbooks® is overall more attractive and easier to use, it is great for service-oriented businesses.

@/Arpro® is an alternative to both by working accounting in one step slightly higher. It has complete and easy management inventory by LIFO, FIFO, serialized and average costing, but also by sales price list for discount or reload methods.

A peculiarity in great demand today is the selling for reload, where it is possible to calculate sale prices not only from standard price lists with discounts (how it normally happens) but from the purchase price of the goods, in real time, during the preparation of sales documents.

In this fashion, you know your exact profit margin, in value and percentage, from the real purchase price (not from the average value or the last purchase price).

Therefore, a further valuable function is available in @/Arpro®, chosen on the intake card of the single customer in order to manage the different related sales documents: by “Discount” or by “Reload” method.

Having decided on the type of sale (for reloading or discount), you can also define the corresponding price list: there are list prices by type and/or reserved for customers (unlimited), with dedicated functions for the recalculation and update of the document.

@/Arpro® maintains a database for all of the sales made, in order to obtain statistics: by customer, document, date, type and amount of product, or serialized codes. You can also check these data during sales phases, eventually choosing the same last price conditions used.

From now on we highlight the key differences on our solution @/Arpro®, at the end of this document there is a table with some of the salient distinctions between all three of the competitors.

We will analyze in particular two other important aspects, which distinguish our solution: Industry Area and Contracts Management.

In the industry area @/Arpro® has specific features with job costing and forecasting tools that are very easy to use and also very complete.

Through the experience gained from companies with sustained production needs and with appropriate dedicated advice, during the years we have conceived and developed a solution that responds to the most common problems:

@/Arpro® is extremely suitable for service, commercial and manufacturer oriented companies.

It works in real-time with the warehouse even if the sale or purchase documents contain encoded items, for accounting purposes it also simultaneously creates the corresponding tax records.
For each sale or purchase document it generates and maintains a payment schedule; with any changes in documents that are always permitted. It also automatically recalculates any associated tax documents and payments.

Another key difference of the simplicity of using @/Arpro® is given by the management cards, present in all the forms of the program. Every home screen contains a list of all records (customers, suppliers, articles, documents, etc.), you are able to open those connected and all of these forms are organized with the logic of simplicity.

For example to search for a customer, just position on it and open with a double-click on the corresponding tab: this is very much appreciated by users because it makes the program very fast. You can also drag all of the toolbars and use them outside of the card, without having to open the card itself. All methods are to reduce the number of operations (click, double-click) with the mouse device!

@/Arpro® solution simplifies the distribution of the whole management area splitting only in 4 major levels, without necessarily having to define individual settings required (modules), thus limiting the economic investment and improving the seamless application integration.

Four main solutions structured and directing the company to the different areas of expertise, among them seamlessly integrated for a complete management procedure. A very simplified and fully integrated system!

Program Description
@/Arpro Business management software
@/Arpro TA Treasury management and the cost accounting industry
@/Arpro CA Customer contracts, activities and services management
@/Arpro Erp Production management

@/Arpro CA is a solution that complements the typical business management software. This application is for managing the relationship with customers and for the provision of services or even equipment rental.

Needed in service centers, call centers, companies dedicated to the car rental business in the short and long term, rental business in the construction industry (equipment, scaffolding, building equipment, platforms, etc.), for cleaning companies; all sectors that necessarily require specific applications.

It primarily addresses these goals:

@/Arpro® is an open business management program where it’s possible to integrate database applications developed in part through access to databases of Microsoft SQL Server®.

An example of this is the ability to manage an external e-commerce, integrated to the warehouse and management of customers of @/Arpro®, or programs developed by third parties.
Our company provides the basic management and provides a stable and reliable application for this integration.

The following table shows some of the salient distinction between the competitors covered in this document.

  Peachtree® Quickbooks® @/Arpro®
Licensing costs $105/User/Month $55/User/Month Subscription Only $53/User/Month Subscription Only
Multi-currency capabilities U.S. Currency Only Multi-Currency Multi-Currency
Multi-lingual capabilities English Only Multi-Lingual Italian, English and Spanish
Ecommerce integration Built-in/Native Ecommerce/POS Integration Integration capabilities limited to Salsesforce app, No native integration Integration capabilities
Primary deployment method Primarily On-premise Subscription/Cloud Only Primarily On-premise
Reporting capabilities Built-in Reporting (Inventory/Pricing) Inventory/Pricing Reporting Available with Add-ons Built-in Reporting (Inventory/Pricing)
Typical company size Small to Mid-market Flexible with Add-on packages Small to Mid-market

Even @/Arpro®, like the other competitors of software, manages Multi-user Platforms, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Automated Purchase Orders, Fixed Asset Management, General Ledger, Job Costing and Forecasting, Industry Specific Features, Serial Number Inventory Management (consult the attached file).

All trademarks mentioned are subject to the law on copyright and private property of the manufacturing companies. Our analysis considers only the main aspects of the products and may change with the release of new versions of programs in the future.
Last update on 08 August 2018.