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The business management software for accounting and company balance sheets. Take control of your income and expense cycles (sales and purchases), banks, warehouse, inventory, orders, quotes, and statistics. The @/Arpro program provides all of the basic master data for the operation of all of the other perfectly integrated applications.
The best solution that enables control and monitoring of costs and business revenues that helps to guide decisions in order to optimize available cash flows. Perfectly integrated into the business accounting where it extracts all necessary data as it produces analytical results and graphs that are very easy to interpret.
The enterprise solution for managing client relationships (contracts) as well as any activities for the provision of services and/or equipment and/or rentals. It is perfectly integrated into the business accounting with an alarm system providing you the information on expiration dates and/or renewals and the subsequent customer billing.
The best solution for controlling production flow, from the planning of job orders to the management of launches and with the ability to give you real time reports of time and costs. It also provides the source code for the perfect integration of data through Gnatt charts (Microsoft Project).
History of @/Arpro

There are four main solutions structured to direct companies to the different areas of expertise and perfectly integrated with each other to offer you a complete management solution. The development process of our products evolved into a consulting context conforming to companies specific needs rather than in the development labs. We put ourselves into the various working paths of companies and this is the reason why the program screens are very interactive and easily interpreted. With our available training courses you can rebuild dynamic business processes in a very short time. The functional activities of @/Arpro are quickly translated into the architecture of the four main modules and the accessory derivatives. Our reality today is our ability to provide, for both the customers and authorized dealers, not only high quality services and tools but also making them extremely simple and very oriented to your business needs.
(By Arpro Solutions, LLC, N & R Group, established in 1993 ... read more...)

Peachtree® vs Quickbooks® vs @/Arpro®

Considering the importance of the competitors Peachtree® (now Sage 50®) and Quickbooks® in the medium-low range, that has been the standard in small business accounting software, we would like highlight the differences between each of them including our solution @/Arpro®.
This analysis released by BrainSell Technologies, LLC and supplemented by some of our considerations, details technical and commercial differences between Peachtree®, Quickbooks® and our solution @/Arpro®.
We consider only the main aspects of the products and may change with the release of new versions of programs in the future, considering that each product has their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

Working in partnership with us Latest news
Collaborations with companies is an integral and important part of our trade policy. It is a technique that has allowed us to grow and to innovate our enterprise solutions.
Our dealers do not only sell our solutions but they highly recommend them. They can offer you value-added implementation services such as training, support as well as customizations to suit your needs.
There are multiple benefits of being a dealer:
- Commercial property of the customers (dealers)
- Competitive edge and collaborations
- Commercial and technical courses geared towards support
Last year our company placed a structure locally. We are always looking for collaborations with qualified organizations (dealers). We operate in the market through these organizations for technical support, staff training and the integrative development of the customer´s needs.
We have set a high standard of customer support using the same methods that have worked so well in the Italian market. We have had substantial returns in customer satisfaction and tremendous growth in sales. The ease of use of the @/Arpro apps and the methods of support offered to the customers will continue to be confirmed in the local market as an excellent reference.

L’Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACC) con sede a Miami è una delle 80 Camere ufficialmente riconosciute dal Governo Italiano all’estero. Fondata nel 1991, è una organizzazione no-profit di diritto statunitense, dedita alla promozione degli scambi commerciali tra l’Italia e gli Stati Uniti.

Nel corso degli anni la IACC si è imposta come punto di riferimento per strutture camerali, organizzazioni fieristiche ed imprese italiane. Si è specializzata nell’organizzazione di eventi promozionali e missioni commerciali negli Stati Uniti così come nell’organizzazione di delegazioni di buyers americani in Italia.

The guarantees offered by Arpro Solutions, LLC, the manufacturer of the @/Arpro applications
Dealers of @/Arpro products
Arpro Solutions, LLC relies on a network of dealers for program sales and distribution throughout the local area. They provide the programs with expertise and professionalism and also supply assistance. Our dealers offer pre-sales services for a no obligation evaluation of the programs, taking the company needs and any customizations into consideration.
How to contact us?
By E-mail, mail or phone you can make an appointment without any commitment. We will meet with you on your premises for a specific assessment of your needs with a discussion and a demonstration of the application and its functions.
How to buy?
You will be given the name of one of our local dealers to supply and to arrange times and conditions, then the same dealer will be delegated to manage all of your administrative needs and they will be your point of contact for the future.
Who provides technical support?
Technical assistance is provided by the dealers or directly from our company in case the dealer in your area is not qualified for the specific activity; usually the dealer that you initially contact for the presentation will be your dealer and/or technician for the future.
@/Arpro University, your training resource

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Get the latest information.
Read FAQ and product articles to help troubleshoot and get the most out of the programs.

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Get product answers and information by email, writing to the following address, or call our support center +39 0421-1706520.
Consult the "End User License Agreement" for the supplies conditions.

Training classes
Take a course with an @/Arpro expert to get detailed or personalized advice.
Would you like private training?
Learn @/Arpro solutions from A to Z.
We simplify @/Arpro, by learning and showing you how to get the answers you need to run your business
Our first goal is to simplify @/Arpro so you become confident with it and take advantage of all the functionalities.

@/Arpro University offers tools and information for training solutions to meet the education requirements of each organization.

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