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Understanding the business needs through specific expertise and at the same time provide solutions suited and very simple to use has always been our goal and tells our genesis.
Simultaneously adopting policies auditing targeted to the customers and defining standards of technical support closer to reality business has allowed us to gain a acceptable market share in Italy. Rather than on large numbers we have always focused on quality!

The same way we intend to lay the foundations for cooperation with qualified structures in the local market, synergies and experiences shared, offering customers high standards already tested in our market. N & R is manufacturer of @/Arpro applications and potentially able to support innovations of products, maintaining market standards offered by Microsoft platforms.
In the course of this year will be placed one of our sales organization in the state of Florida, qualified to define strategies and to begin the groundwork for the development of commercial channel, involving companies of the area in the local market (partners) also in the technical field. Very soon we will be able to offer the same market standards adopted in the Italian market that have allowed us over more than 20 years of experience to grow and share these results with our partners and customers.

Release version @/Arpro 5.3
By the summer of this year our development labs after finishing stages of beta test, release the official versions of the @/Arpro programs. Announcements substantial addition to confirming previous innovation are all oriented to the integration of other parts applications that complete the picture functional enhancements added in the context of the commercial basis of the applications without any change of cost.
All news will be immediately available to the commercial channel of our partners which will be given all the support for upgrade training of technical and sales staff.
The activity of updating application at the customer will still be supported by our centers of support located throughout the local area.
Even the platform @/Arpro 5.3 will be confirmed as an enterprise solution that at low cost, using simple methodologies to manage complex tasks and important.

Four main solutions for the business organization
@/Arpro solutions simplify the distribution of the entire management area in four macro levels, without necessarily having to define individual contexts thus limiting the embarrassment on the choice of modules which imposes restrictions and additional costs. The four levels are so distinct:

@/Arpro - business management software
@/Arpro TA - treasury management and cost accounting industry
@/Arpro CA - customer contracts
@/Arpro Erp - production management

The single level remains above the functional completeness of the price comparable to the cost of a single module of equivalent programs from other vendors.
The standard application of @/Arpro is very simple and oriented to business dynamics, just think that the genesis of the whole project wasn't analyzed in the laboratories of development but rather in companies where there were specific needs and consultations.
@/Arpro applications therefore demonstrate a good attitude to support the needs and arrangements for completion of these in the company and are proposed on the market at competitive prices, only through the channel of our partners.

@/Arpro CA - module Calls

In the new version of the program has been integrated scheduling of calls from customers, to assign specific work activities as well as to manage the progress of the same.
In detail it's possible for each call to set the state of gravity and consequent priorities, the relevant people and a description of the alert, the duration, the receiver, ..., signaling the solution adopted, time and cost of resolution, the dates of scheduling, ...
There're several advanced search features to highlight the calls, as well as a basic registry customizable types and causes of calls.
Scheduled calls can be closed through its status flags or can automatically generate activity, with commitment of materials and/or human resources, always in the context of the contract selected customer. It's possible to receive automatic notifications for their scheduled tasks, the status of assigned tasks and deadlines.
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