Who provides technical support
The close collaboration between Arpro Solutions as manufacturer of the business management solutions @/Arpro and partners in Italy has created a standard of technical support normalized to customer needs, with returns in terms of customer satisfaction. The same standard will soon be adopted also in the local market.
The services offered are many and vary according to specific requirements, can be multiple levels of support and are available telephone hotlines, support activities and staff training in various business areas.

Our organization provides the customer the possibility of customization and adaptation of applications for specific needs. These services along with the right software upgrades are defined in the relevant service contract, which is activated at the time of purchase.

@/Arpro programs were made with a standard design very close to the business needs, produced by Arpro Solutions, through technical advices in the face of specific demands. All of these items were then combined into a defined structure and homogeneous in time became a management platform extremely simple and fast, very close to business rather the laboratories of computer program could make.
The results achieved and maturity of over 20 years of work in the area now allows a high level of quality of the applications, with low start-up costs in terms of staff training.