All updates are in a compressed format and require the password at installation. If you do not have this password please request it at

Program versions @/Arpro

Executable files for @/Arpro 5.4 and combined programs

@/Arpro patch 8 of 06.28.2018
These files can be installed only to users who already have version 5.4 or higher.

@/Arpro ver. 5.4
@/Arpro LE ver. 5.4
@/Arpro ERP ver. 4.1
@/Arpro TA ver. 3.3
@/Arpro CA ver. 2.1

Installation kit @/Arpro version 5.4

Installation Kit @/Arpro
(database sql) - 64-bit client version 5.4
Installation Kit @/Arpro (database sql) - 32-bit client version 5.4

Database version 5.3

Microsoft Sql Server

Download Microsoft Sql Server 2008® r2 Express with Management Tools

Updates accessories

Prints ver. 5.4
The contents of the compressed file will be copied on the server station's folder \ArproW\Condivisa\Stampe_Us

Images ver. 5.3 - 5.4
The contents of the compressed file will be copied on the server station's folder

Dictionaries ver. 5.4
DocTransf versione 5.3
The file must be decompressed and copied on the server station's folder \ArproW\Altro.
It must first be detached from the "SQL Management" and then attached manually.

Update @/Arpro 5.4


Other download


The update to this version implies the acceptance and observance of the terms in the License Agreement provided with the programs, in addition to the Support Agreement. The partial or total loss of data due to incorrect or improper use of these programs or to the instructions for the upgrade, as well as the possible failure of the latter, cannot be considered in any way damage to the user company, which instead may request within a normal time and the modes of execution, the replacement of the upgrade program with a working version.
The user must periodically save the data of the program: this is a mandatory operation before the execution of this update process for the eventual restoration of data in case of operation failure.

Procedures for New Year!

The resetting operations for the end of year are included in the operations of accounting in the @/Arpro application. This is a summary:

  • adjustment entries in accounting
  • opening and closing operations for the accounting year
  • creation of archives for the "new year"
  • printing of inventories
The creation of the archives for the "new year" is a driven transaction and is mandatory for the active management of the accounts for the year to come. It should be performed at the end of the year or early in New Year. Creating the new archives doesn't mean closing the previous year it is possible to work simultaneously on two years.

Creation of New Accounting Year

From the Accounts menu, choose the year-end procedures - Creating New Year - press the button on the toolbar "New Year". 
The year created will be automatically set as the default.
The program prompts you to save the values ​​of the warehouse inventory: by confirming the request you can print the inventory and also at a later date, while continuing to move the warehouse articles.
In the print menu there are 2 options: actual values ​​(those currently available) or initial values ​​(those stored during the creation of the New Year).


Data backup

In the program there is a function for saving all of the data management of the program scheduled on the server platform and can also be activated manually by the operator.
During this phase, all operators must be signed out of the @/Arpro programs, in addition the data of the configuration database platform Microsoft SQL Server host must be saved. The folder provided to accommodate the data is on the server in the following location: \ArproW\Condivisa\Temp.
This takes a long time to run so we recommend performing it during work breaks, beginning of day or end of day; in any case it is more convenient and safe to use a program to back up the data that is certified by Microsoft for SQL Server 2008®. These programs allow the execution in both, a procedural activity schedule or programmed.
Please refer to the documentation that came with the specific program for data backup and as indicated by the manufacturer of Microsoft SQL Server® (

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