@/Arpro Erp - Production
A powerful solution for controlling production flow, inside and outside of the company, from planning orders to the job orders and launches management.

Thanks to the gained experience from advice and by being directly involved for many years, in local demanding manufacturing companies, @/Arpro Erp - Production was born.
This “project” overcomes the most common problems with simplicity and versatility, intrinsic characteristics of the solution.

An invaluable element of the suite of available tools is the capacity to compare the inserted quote values added during the preventive phase, with the actual consumption of time/materials measured with the time detection capability.

There are specific final balance reports to highlight the differences to better understand and gain maximum proficiency during those processes.


There are tools available for the planning and calculation of required materials for both finished or semi-finished products inserted in customer orders, either in simulation or final mode, in addition to the calculation of minimum stock in the warehouse.

All of this with just one click!

  The obtained results can be processed in corresponding supplier orders or production launches, depending on the selected options and your predefined suppliers for specific warehouse articles.

@/Arpro Erp is a simple solution that offers many methods of optimized organization, designed for small and medium-sized companies with a strong need for comprehensive processes throughout production and planning.


Finally, the availability of Gantt® charts allows you to have an immediate graphical and analytical perception of the production advancement, using our free interface to the Microsoft Project® program.

This program requires the base platform @/Arpro or @/Arpro Le (Lite edition), where it extracts your inserted master data.

Brochure @/Arpro Erp - Production


Brochure @/Arpro Erp - Job Orders

@/Arpro Erp - Quality (ANSI/ISO/IEC) module


Improving the management and organization at various levels of the company will reduce waste and costs while increasing the chances of competitiveness in your market.

ANSI/ISO/IEC is a set of international standards on quality management and quality assurance developed to help companies effectively document the quality system elements to be implemented in order to maintain an efficient quality system.

They aren’t specific to any one industry and can be applied to organizations of any size.

@/Arpro Erp – Quality is considered a valuable integrated platform to approach the quality system, reaching your predefined company targets.

Quality (ANSI/ISO/IEC)

Manage yard work
Management of technical studies
Worksite Management

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