@/Arpro TA … Treasury module

Real-Time knowledge of your Company finances, is the way to stay above the water

@/Arpro TA is an integrative solution that requires the business management program @/Arpro or @/Arpro Le (lite edition). It can be used outside of the general accounting, even though it is perfectly integrated in it.

A great solution that enables control and monitoring of costs and business revenues that helps to guide decisions in order to optimize available cash-flows, on the basis of such data obtained.

@/Arpro TA automatically obtains data from the general accounts, after configuration, then distributes them appropriately into the “financial accounts” and quickly extracts data for financial consumptive management. Analytical and graphical statistics can be viewed and printed whenever necessary, in real-time!

Simply Know if you’re making money

@/Arpro TA processes analytical and graphical forecast flows by importing suspended payments, customer and supplier orders, shipping documents to be invoiced, state of the banks, etc. This module allows you to obtain a true analysis on the cash availability, in order to compare consumptive/budget and budget forecasts.

All of this in real-time and quickly!

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@/Arpro TA - Analytical Accounting module

Arpro TA Analytical Accounting Management

Industrial cost accounting

@/Arpro TA – Analytical Accounting is a supplementary solution which requires the business management program @/Arpro or @/Arpro Le (lite edition), from where it uses the data to automatically process in order to quickly extract information of analytical balance, budget or both for comparison, whenever necessary and in real-time.

In the phase of organization, the company is divided into cost and revenue centers, each refers to specific analytical accounts tied to a tree on multiple levels and customizable (accounts plan).

Advanced reports & Business Intelligence

You can obtain detailed printouts of analytical budgets for each cost or revenue center, by job order, single account, by period or date and many more filtering options.

Thanks to the simulation capability and dynamic updating of data that make up the cost of the product and/or service, you can determine the cost of a job before you start working or even accepting the customer’s order, while having any changes in factors constantly updated.

@/Arpro TA Analytical Accounting also handles issues related to the acquisition of various services necessary for the “corporate life”, such as phone cost, water, cleaning services, electricity, insurances, etc.

Maximize tax deductions