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@/Arpro TA® … Treasury and Cash Flow Software unleashed!

Real-Time knowledge of your Company finances, is the best way to stay above the water

@/Arpro TA® Treasury and Cash Flow Software is a simple solution that requires the base program @/Arpro® or the @/Arpro Le® (lite edition). And, it can be used outside of the general accounting, even though it integrates perfectly into it.

Financial Control and Optimization is a lot easier than you think it is. As a fellow business, we know just how important it is to succeed. So, that’s why we developed @/Arpro TA® Treasury. In short, this program takes a much deeper look into the company finances that keeps you in control and updated. As a result, it gives you the control and the tools you need. All the while, it’s on auto pilot.

In other words, it auto extracts the financial data, so you control and monitor all of the costs and revenues in 1 place. After that, it helps to guide decisions, from the results. In this way, it helps you to optimize the available cash flows, so you have the financial control of the company.

For example, the solution auto extracts the data from the general accounts, then distributes them into the correct “financial accounts”. Meanwhile, it quickly extracts that data, then records them into the consumptive management system. In addition, you can view and print all of your stats whenever you need to.

Simply Know if you’re making money

@/Arpro TA treasury module processes the analytical and graphical forecast flows for you. To clarify, it imports various transactions that are linked to the accounting office. Such as, pending payments, customer and supplier orders. This includes, the shipped statements that still need to be invoiced, and the bank status. Thus, you have a true amount of the available cash. In this way, you can compare your used budget and budget forecasts. All of this, in real-time and fast!


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@/Arpro TA - Analytical Accounting module

Arpro TA Treasury and Cash Flow management software & Analytical Accounting Management

Industrial cost accounting

Likewise, @/Arpro TA® Analytical Accounting is a supplementary solution which requires the base program @/Arpro or the @/Arpro Le (lite edition). So, it uses the data and auto processes it, as well. Then, it quickly extracts the information of the analytical balance, budget or both, so you can compare the numbers.

First, the program divides the company into cost and revenue centers. Meanwhile, each refers to specific analytical account that is tied to a tree. Further, these branches are divided on multiple levels for you. Best of all, these “accounts plans” are customized to your company.

Advanced reports & Business Intelligence

To top it off, printing detailed analytical budgets, are only 1 click away. Not only that, yo can find them easily through the various search filters. For example, by cost or revenue center, by job order, single account, by period or date and many more other options.

Above all else, before you start working or even accept an order, just click the simulation mode button to determine the total cost of a job. Because, all of the data that make up the cost of the product or service is auto updated, even if any of the factors change.

With @/Arpro TA® Analytical Accounting, you have 1 click access to various services needed for the “corporate life”. Such as, phone costs, water, cleaning services, electricity, insurance, and so on.


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Maximize tax deductions

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