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FAQs and answers

FAQs for the @/Arpro® Solutions

What is @Arpro®?
The business management software for accounting and company balance sheets. With it, you can take control of your income and expenses. Including, your banks and cash-flow, warehouse and inventory. In addition, all customer and supplier orders, quotes and statistics. Above all, it links to the Accounting department.


Which areas of business management does @/Arpro® cover?
We have four main solutions designed for different areas so you can organize your business. Better yet, combine them and have them in different configurations so your needs are met. And, with different levels of support.

In this list, we have some of our most common programs:

  • Firstly, our @/Arpro® Le (lite edition). So you can keep inventory, send invoices, & see important stats.
  • Secondly, our @/Arpro® full edition series. The same as above, but with added functions.
  • Thirdly, our @/Arpro TA® – Treasury module. In this way, you monitor all of the cash flows accurately.
  • Including, our @/Arpro TA® – Analytical Accounting. In other words, some know it as forensic accounting.
  • In addition, we have @/Arpro CA® so your client relations a managed in an optimal way.
  • Last but not least, our @/Arpro Erp®. So production is made efficient, spot on and easy 

What is the @/Arpro® base program?

The base program is not only a financial management software. It slashes the time you spend managing your business finances, for instance.

With it, you get help with the tasks, in this list:


  • Create estimates and invoices in a snap.
  • Track sales and cash flow with 1 click
  • Manage your customers and suppliers with ease
  • Monitor your tax and making tax return much easier
  • Understand your company’s performance & in real time
  • Plan ahead and budget so you gain more profits

For more details, please consult the relative document by following this link to our main website.

More product FAQs

What is the difference between @/Arpro® Le (lite edition) and @/Arpro®?
The Full Version of has all the functions and capabilities in the business management platform. That is to say, it’s much more adapted for a medium-sized company. For example, it includes a broader range of tools and procedures for you & works at a high-performance level. In this way, you can optimize your business management.


What is @/Arpro TA® – Treasury?
For instance, you will control and monitor the costs and business revenues. As a result, guide your decisions so you can optimize the available cash flows. Also, you will analyze both the present and future financial needs. Including, the financial impact caused by various business decisions you may make.

Furthermore, it perfectly integrates into the accounting. Lastly, you’ll have all of the analytical results in charts and graphs.


What is @/Arpro TA® – Analytical?
It’s a perfect solution where you can control and verify the costs and business revenues. Likewise, it helps guide the company decisions on the basis of such data. Moreover, this module gives you concrete tools to extract real-time analytical reports.

And, it includes the business budget for a better evaluation. Also, it integrates into the business accounting, and produces analytical results in charts and graphs.


What is @/Arpro CA®?
The enterprise solution to manage client relationships as well as any activities. However, it works great if you provide services and/or rent out equipment. It too integrates into @/Arpro & keeps you updated on expiration dates for renewals.


What is @/Arpro Erp®? 
A It’s a great solution to control production flow. from planning orders to the job orders and launches management. Best of all, the reports for time and costs are all in real time. You also have the perfect data integration through Gantt® charts.

Upgrading products and cloud FAQs

Can I upgrade between programs? 
Absolutely, you can upgrade between the @/Arpro Le® (lite edition) and the full edition. So, add new license(s) or supplementary modules at anytime, which you can purchase separately.

Can I get software updates/upgrades and how do I do it? 
Yes you can, but if you are within the 30 days from the time of purchase or if you have purchased the Support Service Agreement.

Will @/Arpro® work on my Apple Mac? 
Not at the moment, but we’re working on it! However, all you need is a Windows partition on the disk.

Can I use @/Arpro® on a Tablet? 
Yes! As long as it has a Windows Operating system installed on it.

System Requirements FAQs

What are the system Requirements for @/Arpro® solutions?

  • You will need the minimum system requirements so you can run SQL Server®
  • 2 GHz or higher is recommended. Intel® or other compatible processor
  • Microsoft Windows® Operating System that’s supported by SQL Server® technology
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher. …
  • At least high-color (16-bit) SVGA video, minimum resolution 1024×768 pixel
  • All online features or services require high speed Internet access
  • Hard disk has to have at least 1Gb free for the @/Arpro company
  • Integration/compatibility with Microsoft Office® products (CRM)
  • 1 printer device connected to the system
  • Adobe Reader®
  • Acceptance of the End User License Agreement for @/Arpro products


Do I need an Internet Connection?
An internet connection is only necessary to guarantee technical support and for using the online manuals. We do have 22 free Tutorials available on our website too. With them, you drive through the basic functions of our applications.
Click this link here so you can browse our training page.

Should I use an anti-virus program?
Yes, you should and we highly recommend it. The anti-virus program you choose depends on the current operating system you are using. This way, you will always guarantee that your data and systems are safe.

Getting Started FAQs

Is it easy to get started, after installation?
Very much so! It only takes about five minutes to get up and running. All you have to do is “click” Agree in the End User License Agreement Arpro products window. After that, fill it out and sign the “@/Arpro® activation card”. We send you your specially generated serial number for your license(s) you purchased, DONE!

How do I download and install a program? 
The program installation kits are available on our website. Just click on this link so you can view the page. Then, follow the simple instructions step by step! If you need help please contact our support center and we will reach out to you via telephone hot-line, email or a remote connection.

You will have free support within 30 days of installation and limited to 10 inquiries. This does not apply to network installations. In this case, we highly recommend a competent professional to help.

What are the installation steps? 
First, choose the program configuration for your needs, either a Standalone or Server PC or Client PC.
Then, select which program(s) you will install and how many Licenses are necessary. For example, the First License and any Add-On License(s), per computer.

In this way, the installation is economical and way more simple for you. Including, the way you choose the Support Service level you prefer. But, it’s not mandatory for you to even choose one.

Is there a trial period or trial version and what steps do I take? 
After installation and for your convenience, close the Activation window without inserting the S/N (just your company references) then, use the Trial License immediately. This is a “limited data entry” version (with a medium-high data limit level). Now you can gain confidence with all of the program functions.

Purchasing and Activating answers

How do I purchase if I decide that @/Arpro® is right for me?
Contact us and upgrading is a breeze! You can choose to buy at any stage during the trial or from the beginning, as many customers have. Especially since these programs are simple and adaptable.

What information do I need to sign up?
Getting started is much easier than you think. 
First, install the software. After that, you simply activate and register the Program before you use it. These are the steps to do it.
Follow this link to access the installation page.

Fill out the “@/Arpro® Activation Card”, then you will receive a valid serial number from the Producer. When prompted just insert it into the empty field labeled for it. This card must be sent by fax or email to the Producer to receive the serial number after the payment has been received.

How do I get started FAQs? 
Getting started is more simple than with most programs. Once you sign up with @/Arpro® Solutions it is ready for use. 
Meanwhile and for your convenience, we packed our website with all of the basic learning and assisting materials like, Tutorials and online Manuals. Because we want to give you the best jumpstart possible. Just click this link here to see for yourself!

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal, all major credit and debit cards – Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. We also accept bank transfers as well as Zelle®.

Is the cost of @/Arpro® tax deductible?
Yes! @/Arpro® is tax deductible according to IRS publication 946, which states “off-the-shelf computer software is qualifying property for purposes of the section 179 deduction.”

Support Services questions & answers

What are the benefits of the Support Service Agreement FAQs?
You have access to Technical Assistance that is available via telephone hot-line, email or remotely. Updates and improvements (excluding training activity), are integral elements of the services that keep your programs running and to safeguard your investment!

Please consult the End User License Agreement @/Arpro® products and the Privacy Policy for more details 

just click on this link to view it.


Which support service plan level is right for me and what is the monthly subscription cost? 
There are three plans to choose from to suit your business’ needs at an affordable monthly, tri-annual or annual subscription, Basic level (startup) being the most economical.

We recommend you choose the plan level with the features that best meet your business needs today. With the help of your local Dealer, you can upgrade to a higher-level plan as your business grows. 
Start comparing plans and view the latest pricing and promotions for the Basic Level of Support.


Am I entitled to software updates/upgrades and how do I upgrade? 
Yes, if you are within the 30 days from the time of purchase or if you have purchased the Support Service Agreement.

Can I access @/Arpro® through Remote Connections? 
Yes, you can access @/Arpro® remotely from any PC that has the minimum requirements for the app. To clarify, with any relative License, if purchased.

Subscriptions, Phone & Setting it up FAQs

Can I pay the Support Service Agreement subscription annually?
Yes, you can. Just choose if you want to set up a monthly, tri-annual or an annual Subscription. It really is that simple!
Of course, when you pay annually we will give you the best savings.

Is there a minimum Support Service Agreement subscription period?
If you’re a paying subscriber and you cancel your subscription for Support Services for any reason, Arpro Solutions, LLC is unable to provide you with a pro-rated refund. Beit for the rest of the month, tri-annual or annual plan that you are on.

Above all, you keep the Support Services for the remainder of the period that you have paid for. To clarify, the subscription cancellation is effective after the period you chose and when you will no longer have access to the service.

Is phone support included? 
You do have free phone support during the start-up phase. That is to say, within 30 days of installing it and limited to a total of 10 inquiries, but only if you have not purchased the Support Service agreement. We give you this limited service via telephone hot-line, email, or remotely. This does not apply to a Network installation, so in this case please contact a competent professional to help you.

Does Arpro Solutions, LLC provide on-site setup assistance?
We do offer direct on-site support and at our discretion. Provided you are located within our major territories. We do have a friendly and knowledgeable support team that is here to help you all along the way.
Keep in mind, that via telephone hot-line, remotely or by email, Technical Assistance can be taken care of easily. Just call us if you need to!

Questions in General answered

There’s no contract correct, for the @/Arpro® programs?
That’s right. There is no contract or commitment because you have actually paid for a License(s) to use. You have paid for a program license. Therefore, not sold to you. So just acknowledge and agree to it. That’s it!

After installing and enabling any @/Arpro® programs, you will retain access to your company data file stored on your device, so long as the Program is functioning.

Can I manage more than one company? 
After installing then activating the program, the data for one company is available to you.
In the settings section you can add more companies if you want to. The program already includes this function for you.

Can multiple users access my @/Arpro® company data at the same time?

Simultaneously, you can have many users accessing the same company data, depending on how many “Add-On” License(s) you have purchased. Check the Microsoft Sql Server® website by clicking on this link for specific technical details and requirements.

Can my CPA help manage my accounting?
Yes, but only if they have your specific authorization. In this list, are two ways that this can be done:

  • by connecting on your server data
  • if they have the same @/Arpro® program, information can be shared

Can I import and export data into @/Arpro® programs?

Of course! You can import and export the following lists to and from MS Excel or a CSV file:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Products and services
  • Master data, in general

Plus, you can export reports to various formats like (Microsoft Office®, Adobe®, etc.).

Do I enjoy discounts for signing up more than 1 company file?
No, because Arpro Solutions, LLC allows you to create many company profiles and already included with the License you purchased.

Data and Security

How secure is my data?
By installing @/Arpro® directly on the server computer, your data is a lot more secure. Therefore, Sql Server manages the data and security. Most importantly, in whichever level you or your system administrator have set it all up. The same truth applies to the Windows® platform that hosts the program for you.


What happens to my data if I accidentally delete or lose them? 
We strongly recommend that you backup your data with frequent periodicity, but that depends on how much the data has changed. There is always a risk of computer damage, viruses or malware, for instance.


We have dedicated specific Tutorials to make the backup process a lot easier for you. Just follow this link so you can view the video for it & see just how easy it is. From this same web page you can also access the online Manuals, and check out the specific section you need help with.


Account Settings FAQs

Do the programs have User and Password management?
Oh yes they do. With the “Admin” user logged in, you can add many users and all with different passwords and privileges. Such as, specific and limited access to certain company data. And, for each user you can also select which language the program will display for them.

Who manages the network infrastructure or the standalone platform?
You or your system administrator must setup the Windows account settings. This guarantees the security and respects the privacy laws to protect your data.

How can I upgrade between programs?
You can upgrade between the @/Arpro Le® (lite edition) and the full edition. Add new license(s) or supplementary modules at anytime, which you can purchase separately.

Are @/Arpro® solutions online or do I download software?
Because they are not based in the cloud, you can securely download the @/Arpro® applications from any web browser. However, you can only download the software onto a single computer.

With all of the @/Arpro® Solutions, there is no contract or commitment. As a result, you retain access to your company data file stored on your computer(s), so long as the program is functioning.

Do the programs work on a single computer or on a network?
Either way, it just depends on the number of Licenses you have purchased. If you click on this link, you will see the following download and installation kit options. Both for either a standalone computer or server and/or for the client.

Does @/Arpro® work on my Apple Mac? 
Not right now, but we are working on it! However, all you need is a Windows partition on the disk.

Can I use @/Arpro® on a Tablet? 
Yes! As long as it has a Windows Operating system installed on it.

Product Features FAQs

What are the differences between @/Arpro® Solutions and other applications FAQs?

Our applications cover a lot more business categories, already included in the programs. While they maintain a high level of integration. Moreover, our company, is the manufacturer, so we can customize the solutions for your individual needs. Above all, we constantly innovate our products so you can rest assured that you can compete in this ever-growing market. 

In this list, we’ll post some of our web pages so you can learn more about our Apps.


What are some of the reports available in @/Arpro

There are way too many to list here but we will post a few more commonly used reports down below.

Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, the General Ledger, Trial and Final Balances. Likewise, Statement of Cash Flows, and Transaction List, including, Analysis on the Cash Availability. This way, you can compare the Consumptive/Budget, Budget Forecasts reports too. To sum it up, you choose to see them in Graphs or Charts, and best of all, they are all in real-time.


How easy is it to customize all of my company documents to print out or send through an email?
It is extremely easy for you. We made 2 Tutorials to make it even easier. Please take a look at Setting Modules 1 and 2 from the list.
To see them just click on this link here

Why is it important to me and what makes @/Arpro® different?

Small or mid-sized business are interested in @/Arpro® because it is a very useful partner. That is to say, it simplifies the business management tasks like, sales and purchases, bank transactions, payment deadlines, warehouse articles, customer and supplier orders, quotes, & so much more. These are just some of the key reasons to use our Apps for your business.

Thus, you will save time and effort through payment consolidation, and also enhance the cash flow visibility in real-time. Not only that, but you’ll increase your sales revenue by taking control of all the business processes. As a result, you eliminate redundant tasks so you optimize your work!

@/Arpro Erp® is the easy way to have the control of production processes inside the company. With the recording of times and costs in the final balance, and the consumption of time & materials, for instance. You can analyze the course of the production advancement and all the way up to the final phases. Last but not least, with the recognition of all the costs upon completion and throughout the course.

 We gained experience from the advice given directly from a lot of manufacturing companies. With it, @/Arpro Erp® – Production was born. In short, it overcomes the most common problems with simplicity and versatility.

@/Arpro® is a true business solution that goes well beyond the basic merchant services. You can do awesome things like see all of the payments add up across all the places you sell, and as it’s happening. Plus, you can integrate of the all processes throughout our solutions.

FAQs & why have them

FAQs are a great way for you to get answers that you need so you can know us best. We will continue to count each one for you and add them to our list of FAQs! If there is one that you really need now, then please call us. We will add to our FAQs list for you too! To us FAQs will always be on the top of our things to do and keep up with. FAQs are where most people check before they buy a product and to get help once they do. We are glad that our FAQs are being accessed a lot so we know it helps you. 

FAQs @/Arpro

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