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Erp production software needs to be easy to use and also trusted

Manufacturing products is your part,
optimized management is ours!
Erp Production software ...

With it, you have full control of all internal and external processes to make your product. So, from planning orders to launches and everything in between, we’ve got you covered! As a result, your sales and profits increase as you optimize your work load.

@/Arpro Erp production software is a powerful solution
for controlling the production flow.

The genesis of Erp Production software

Most developers only work in their labs. However, our clients asked and we listened. In other words, we took the advice that came directly from demanding production and assembly companies. As a result, in 1993 @/Arpro Erp production software was born!

Meanwhile, we’ve evolved and innovated our software. Because of this, it overcomes the most common issues with simplicity and versatility.

In this paragraph, we’ll point out some of the features. First, there are various detailed reports that link to our 1 click Business Intelligence feature. In this way, you can analyze the status of the production flow up to the final phases. In addition, you have the true insight of all costs upon completion. Then, these costs can be compared to the values on the initial quote. Therefore, giving you results that you can evaluate as you wish.

Not just that but, Microsoft Project® and our software are linked so, it extracts the projections and the production status. Above all, these can be viewed in customizable Gantt® charts. All you have to do is choose the way you want to see it.

Advantages of Erp Production software

Likewise, there are many advantages in making your production more efficient. Firstly, supplier orders auto generate from the customer deadlines. Secondly, work orders auto generate from the documents. Thirdly, forecasting and project planning are just 1 click away. In addition, you have easy, effective and efficient scheduling. 

Including, auto time detection for tracking man hours and machines. In addition, real time warehouse management and final cost reduction. Because, over stock or under stock won’t be an issue for you. On top of that, a pure and effective quality control system. Next, you have a built in process for turning orders into auto invoices. Moreover, the payments due and accounting records auto generate too. And above all, you’ll have increased customer satisfaction because, all of your systems run at top speed!

An integrated system

Further, Erp production Planning analyzes the order backlogs. For example, the warehouse status and the pre set minimum stock. Then, the orders to supplier and the production flows, update in real time. 

More importantly, either in “Simulation mode” or in “Real mode”, you’ll have a complete list of requirements that auto generate for you. For instance, warehouse items, both semi finished or finished, and all of the tasks to complete the project.

In short, it keeps you on or ahead of schedule.


A simple solution

Our production software is a simple solution that has many ways to optimize and organize. In the same vein, it was designed for small and medium sized companies. Ones that need complete processes throughout production and planning.

Gantt® charts

In addition, it’s designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data. Because if this, you have a clear and immediate real time evaluation. Certainly, for the business intelligence & Gantt® diagrams, our software will guide you through smoothly. So, you have an immediate graphical and analytical view of the production flow. Likewise, use our open source interface to the Microsoft Project® for a closer look.

To clarify, this program needs the base platform @/Arpro® or @/Arpro Le® (Lite edition). Because, this is where it extracts your master data from.


@/Arpro ERP® Producción
Planificación y programación de pedidos
Seguimiento del tiempo de producción
Diagramas Gantt®

@/Arpro ERP® Órdenes de trabajo

Gestión del sitio de construcción
Dirección de oficina técnica
Trabajo para terceros
Industria 4.0

@/Arpro Erp® ... Quality

ANSI/ISO/IEC is a set of international standards on quality management and quality assurance


Certainly, improving the management and organization at various levels reduces waste and costs. Thus, increasing the chances of you competing in your market.

To sum it up, ANSI/ISO/IEC is a set of international standards on quality management and quality assurance. Furthermore, it was developed to help companies effectively document all the quality system elements. After that, results can be implemented so, you maintain an efficient quality system. 

Lastly, these standards aren’t specific to any 1 industry and can be applied to companies of any size.

@/Arpro Erp Quality is a valuable tool so, you can have a full quality system. Thereby, reaching and passing your company targets.


Calidad (ANSI/ISO/IEC)

Make more products and make them fast, efficiently, and as optimized too! What else can you ask for? All you need is Erp.
So, what are you waiting for? In other words, call us now so we can get you on board!

Easy to use ... easy to learn ... and oh, so easy to love!

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